Antler Velvet FAQ's

Antler Velvet max

Q. Which Antler Velvet Product is best for me?
Our original 7500 Nanogram Antler Velvet Max formula is designed for all walks of life. Wether you are a weekend warrior athlete or simply looking to curve the natural anti-aging process as you get older.Antler Velvet Max Extreme was specifically designed and formulated for the serious athlete looking to take their athletic performance to the next level.

Q. How does it know if i want to have energy or lose weight?
Antler Velvet Max helps your body retain lean muscle mass which in turn supports a healthy weight loss regime. This will not only help you lose weight but many people realize increased muscle tone despite minimal excersise. Antler Velvet Max.

Q. What’s the difference between Antler V Max and Deer antler products?
Research has shown that the consumption of some liposome sprays versus consumption of the pill, showed that Deer Antler Velvet extract in spray form delivers a 90% higher absorption rate.

Q. What’s the difference between Deer antler and Elk antler?
There is a huge difference. Elk Antler is not only inferior to New Zealand antler velvet but there have been instances where consumption of Elk Antler velvet has caused hoof and mouth disease. Elk Antler is usually sold at a much lower cost due to its inferior qualities. Antler Velvet Max contains, 100% top grade, New Zealand antler velvet extract.

Q. Is this really STEROID free?
YES. The key ingredient natural to deer antler velvet is Insulin-like Growth Factor 1, or IGF-1.

Q. I see others have different Ng but same ingredients, why and how?
The “ng” or nanograms refers to how much deer antler extract is in your bottle. A lower dose of extract will give you less results, while a higher dose of pure antler velvet extract produces premium results. Keep in mind that over 90% of the products on the market that claim to have over 3000 NGs of antler velvet extract have been shown to contain as much as 95% less than what they state. Antler Velvet Max is formulated by the top lab in the world and the leading authority on Deer Antler Velvet extract in liposome spray. Our formulation contains 7500 NG but when tested has shown even more than we state on our bottle but never less.

Q. How much should I take each day?
The recommended dosage for the average adult is 2 sprays, 3 times a day. (At this rate,one bottle of Antler Velvet Max is a 1-month supply.) For maximum results, you can double this intake suggestion. It is 100% safe to do this.

Q. Can children take this supplement?
Antler Velvet Max is recommended for adults 18 and over.

Q. Can I take Antler Velvet Max if I am taking other medication?
You should consult with your physician before taking the supplement.

Q. How can I become a distributor for Antler Velvet Max?
Click here for moreĀ  information about distributorships.

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  • Supports Lean Muscle and Workout Recovery*
  • Supports Healthy Weight Loss Strategy*
  • Supports Increased Endurance & Energy*
  • Can Help To Stimulate Damaged Nerves*
  • Supports Healthy Heart Functions*
  • Supports A Healthy Immune System*
  • IGF-1 may be one of the most important anti-aging compounds ever studied*

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