Hello, I am Joel Sauceda, Co-Founder and CEO of MaxLifeDirect.com.

For over 20 years, I have been involved in the health and wellness industry and have always done my best to stay in shape .  After reading dozens of books and taking advice from knowledgeable people in the health and fitness field, I have come to the conclusion that exercise alone is not the key to good health.  Diet, while important, is also not the "silver bullet" to maintaining weight and retaining muscle tone.  My access to multiple developers of nutritional supplements has allowed me the opportunity to experiment with numerous products over the years to include: Creatine, various powder and liquid protein products and a host of vitamin capsules and pills for maintaining weight and muscle tone. While some of these products have produced a reasonable result, MANY of these supplements would yield a two sided result. For example, I would build lean muscle however, I would put on unwanted weight in other areas thereby making them counterproductive to my fitness goals. 

Has this ever happened to you?

I have found that many people, including myself, waste thousands of hours of time and pain in the gym only to find they are not progressing in their goal towards bettering both their health and appearance.  

After years of doing things wrong, I began seeking a more permanent solution to maintaining my weight and retaining as much muscle tone possible. This journey for finding a solution began in my mid 30's when a very knowledgeable colleague on this subject told me that everything you do up until age 40 will yield results long term (both good and bad). In other words, if you continue to smoke and have poor eating habits into your 40's it is more difficult (yet not impossible) to reverse these effects as you cross the age 40 mark. With these words of wisdom, I had a sense of urgency to seek my fountain of youth solution. 

The Reveal

They say, "seek and you shall find" and that happened for me in 2006. By fate, I met an individual who introduced a supplement to the western world 10 years prior. The Chinese had used this supplement for over 2,000 years. I came to find out that this man had been the first to import it from New Zealand and owned a Lab that produced this natural supplement in LIQUID form. 

After reading and experiencing the product for over a year, I got into the best shape of my life at age 36. To date, I have not gone a day without using this product and like the Remington Razor guy, I loved the product so much I started the company! Being a health enthusiast and an Internet marketing entrepreneur, I combined my love for this product with my enthusiasm for marketing and started MaxLifeResearch.com (MaxLifeDirect.com) in 2007.

Today, I have the world's ONLY 7,500 nanogram formulation of this "Miracle Product" in liposome spray form.  Thanks to my relationship with the creator of this product (Nutronics Labs), I was granted rights to this exclusive formulation.  

The formulation I speak of is Antler Velvet Max, which contains the PUREST form of Deer Antler Velvet extract in the world in liposome spray form.  You can read about the science of Deer Antler Velvet by simply GOOGLING "Deer Antler Velvet." You will find that there is WIDE interest in its affects and a host of celebrities and athletes use our formulation on a daily basis as a natural way to enhance their performance and appearance. 

Belief Leading to Action

I believe in this supplement so much that I built a company around its nutritional value and technology. I believe everyone should take this product and I am confident that within 30-45 (this is how long it takes to build up in your system) days of use, you will never go without it and it will become part of your lifestyle, as it is mine.

I am 39 years old as I type this and I will tell you that I am in the best shape of my life thanks to this product, moderate exercise and a simple diet (I will share this with you upon joining my free online newsletter).

I encourage you to give Antler Velvet Max a serious try and feel the difference like thousands of our customers' worldwide do! I welcome your testimonials after you get great results!

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