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I am the owner of a Texas-based nutrition company that has distribution rights to a line of Oral Liposomal formulations that are in great demand right now.

This demand for one of our formulations (Deer Antler Velvet Extract) has occurred on the internet due to some recent publicity that the National Football League has created through several news outlets. Interest in this formulation has increased by over 3000% in the past 4 weeks.

MaxLife Direct is an internet-based marketing company that has enjoyed success in our online marketing campaigns.  However, we have had recent requests from a 'Walk-In' demographic that we have neglected.  We are now interviewing professional 'Point of Sale' partners to represent our unique line of oral sprays in their practices. 

MaxLife Direct offers a proven product line and are looking for ONLY professional practitioners willing to gain knowledge of the ingredients, benefits and use of our products to become our 'Off the Internet' resource for our customers. Rather than offering these products in Store Fronts, we have opted to refer our customers to wellness establishments educated on our product line. 

Everyone Needs Better Health & Sleep...
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Where Do Health Practitioners Fit In?
MaxLife Direct understands the challenges in the health care industry that has resulted in the reduction in revenue for many Doctors.  In an effort to partner with only professionals, we have created a generous and mutually beneficial monetary business plan to increase sales revenue and walk-in referrals to your clinic. 

While traditional medicine is the mainstream, the trend of natural & alternative wellness programs & products is on the rise. That is the industry we have been a part of for many years and we are confident in our ability to partner with both traditional Doctors and Doctors within the homeopathic community.

We are limiting the number of "Point Of Sale" partners in each market area so as to not dilute the value of our formulations. We are reaching out to select clinics and health practitioners within the traditional and alternative sector in your market area.

If you are interested in exploring this proposition further, please complete the form on this page as soon as possible as we are currently approving clinics in your area.  We will be glad to contact you by phone at your convenience & we will also ship you a sample pack at no charge along with literature to support our formulations.

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